Yellow Human Wavespell

Yellow Human glyph

Free Will – Influence – Wisdom

Yellow Human is one of the 20 aspects of our environment celebrated in the Tzolkin (soul count) 260-day calendar.  The glyph image is clear: a face with wide eyes, unsmiling, almost apathetic. The key feature, though, of the Yellow Human is the inverted horn cutting like a swathe of hair from its crown. This internal antenna suggests the way we receive guidance and inspiration from spirit, and the hollow zombie eyes, the emotionless mouth, show that we are in a sense robotic, the instruments of a higher power, our eternal soul. There are moments in life when we go blank, stare off into the distance, are lost to this so-called real world. We are drawn into a vision backwards or forwards in time, or on a daytrip to another dimension. We are either gone from our bodies or filled entirely by a deeper influence than our own ego. We get caught in this trance, guided by god towards non-attachment to the transitory nature of an incarnation on earth. The Yellow Human, for all his/her autonomy and ability to control the planetary environment, is ultimately an instrument of the divine. We can celebrate that, this wavespell – the undeniable truth that we are in service to Creator – rather than bemoan our species’ destructive tendencies.


In other instances, the Yellow Human time has seemed like a limiting passage. We are ‘only human’, unable to fly, or fall without breakage. We use our free will to domineer other creatures, cage and control them. We act imperious, overlords of the earthly realm without enough remembrance of the spirits of place that give us the air we breathe, the sun that warms us through, the waters that keeps us fluid. And we fight amongst ourselves, enslave each other, push other beautiful people into servitude in an in-species food chain. Often this wavespell is a time of reflecting the lack of the Yellow Human: not a star, a moon, a storm, a seed, a song. We are cumbersome, flesh and bone, stuck here by gravity and blaming each other for the limitations we feel as material objects instead of rays of light.

Colossal ceramic brick human head reminiscent of the temple carvings of Angkor Wat or the great Olmec heads of Central America, a contemporary relic of a civilization not yet past. Site specific sound and light elements will be incorporated into the artwork.

But times are changing, and human beings are evolving into light beings, and the nature of being human, Yellow Human, seems to be transforming into the brightness of its color scheme. We have, right now, the potential to see ourselves as shiny and warm as the yellow sun itself, flames made in its own image. There have been long, dark ages of not feeling the light inside, but it is igniting now, burning off the fat layers we have hidden behind, a bonfire of the materialism we amassed. The prophecy of 2012 led one shamanic scholar to declare that we will move from the stagnancy of being Homo Sapien to the brilliance of being Homo Luminous, and we can choose to see that the glyph of the Yellow Human is the moment of transformation where the psyche of each of us is rerouted, given new orders, towards glowing radiance and warmth.


In the Tzolkin’s daily progression, we move through several animal forms. The first is the mystical Red Dragon, the first day being an anchor in the imaginal world, a fantastical remembrance. The Red Serpent is next, offering the instinctual drive that is the foundation for animal life – cold-blooded, heartless, but impelled to recreate, to stay alive. The evolution to White Dog is into warm-blooded, warm-hearted loyalty, fondness, devotion. In the mammalian world we are connected through the uterus – not encased in eggs but deeply connected to the mother, through the womb and milk sustenance after we are born. Blue Monkey follows, adding playfulness, time and energy to move through deep loving into celebration, joy, the game of life far beyond simple survival techniques.


Yellow Human follows in this progression, and we have to feel we are the patchwork of all the creature forms before us. We are an integration first of the divine mysticism of the Red Dragon, something only of our imaginations that lives farther out than this physical world. We are instinctual, primal, called to reach to each other by imperatives of sexuality; and we are devoted in loving connection through the warmth of our hearts. We can experience life, too, as a circus act, a zoo, an experiment – the way modern monkeys are employed – and we can reclaim it as the thrill of climbing high into the trees, swinging free, entwining with each other’s long limbs. All of these evolutionary stages are held in our genetic code, and we arrive in the human condition not better or separate from what came before – but the fusion of a collective animal experience.


We are animals – that’s the remembrance. Our base nature is not to war and ill and to compete for dominance. That’s an artificial overlay that comes from other than our primal impulse. It’s true we want to stay alive, but the best way to do that is to procreate, to have intercourse, and since that’s been so often marked as shameful, dark, forbidden in the course of humanity, we’ve pushed acceptable passion into the arena of violence. So in the Yellow Human ascendance of this wavespell, especially as it feeds directly into the next Red Serpentwavespell of instinctual sexual expression, we can reinvoke the positive primal drive of loving one other bodily and with the heart expression of the White Dog, the joy of the Blue Monkey and the sacred mysticism of the Red Dragon.


The call for physical connection between human beings keeps recurring because we have created so much spacial distance since the days of curling together for warmth under a large animal skin. Humans have the capacity to remember – that a distinguishing mark – and so we can reclaim things we have lost once they are no longer forgotten. What is your fantasy life? It’s not likely to be about having lots of things any more, but actually of having less. If you pare away the dreams you’ve outgrown, there might not be much left besides the deep connection to other humans, in community and communion.


For many other Yellow Human arcs, it’s been like a dulling of the senses, a minimizing of life force, a sense of being kept down, away from the diversity of earth, ocean, sky. But this is a turning point. We are changing our human nature – and now we begin to truly celebrate ourselves, without the constraints of judgment, shame and inadequacy. We are human, integrating an evolution that brings us to light, remembering the journey through darkness and other animal incarnations along the way.


Jose Arguelles chose three words to describe the Yellow Human. The power is free will, and it is of consequence right now. We can choose to proceed either from a place of superiority,  ever conquesting, or from the shame of admitting how much we have served only ourselves. Still better is to move forward consciously with the faith that all that has gone before, hurts and healing, brings us to a perfect new beginning and as a human on the planet we will find the freedom to be noble, tender and self-respecting. This wavespell invites our finest humanity, reclaiming the beauty of masculine and feminine identity, finding the reconnection between.


The action of Yellow Human is to influence, as in being fluid, letting a flow come into you. We have been very influential on the planet – resources, other species depleted. We have been innovatice, too, offering healing modalities to sustain lifetimes longer than ever, an explosion or overindulgence of life force. We can embrace the colloquial form of being influenced, ‘going with the flow,’ and really seek to feel what direction, what tidal or gravitational force is being invited for our next motion forward. Is it downhill at last, or one more rise, or the promise of constant ebb and flow, the curling waves and wavespells? Instead of holding so much influence, we can allow the ether world and its moods to make us fluid, less rigid, controlled, contained. We move in response to the flow of nature, and remember how human nature is also organic.


The essence of Yellow Human is wisdom. We arrive in our essence after the work of finding humility, the mistakes we made in pursuit of achievement, out of synch with service to the collective. We have the wisdom now that informs us – influences us – to be different, to learn from the past, arrive in the present with a clear intention for the future to be more ‘human’: humble, fallible, part of a whole but not the peak of it. Our wisdom, like the Owl’s of the Self-Existing Moon we are dovetailing with this wavespell, comes from seeing into the dark with wide-open eyes. The empty circle eyes of the Yellow Human glyph are vessels waiting to be filled, not mind-cluttered, not blackened by cynicism, hardened fear. Our wisdom leads us back, circularly, to innocence, as well as the pure flame of enlightenment.