Wavespells are always journeys, arcs of upsurging energy with a breaking point, just like the coastline of our world’s oceans. They are a reflection of the sacred Mayan count of 13, the heart of their many calendars. The wavespells of Natural Time are 13 days, 13 moons (28-day months) or 13 years. Each of the 13 stages is called a ‘tone’ and has a unique energy, as well as a connective role in the larger wave curvature.

Here’s a narrative of an unfolding 13-day wavespell. You can apply the tone descriptions to the 13 Moon year, as well.

We begin with a purpose, which is going to show up on the first, Magnetic day. Rather than decide what it is or set an intention, we simply attract it to us magnetically. Invariably, our purpose is the energy of the wavespell’s first day.

The second, Lunar day imitates the moon and its phases, showing the dark shadows and reflected light held within every situation we encounter – including the purposefulness we’ve been given. We uncover a challenge – something to grow towards or through – that will be the wavespell’s deepest work to integrate.

The third, Electric day connects us with Creator, inviting a soothing balm to ease any dissonance from the discovery of our challenge. This pure source energy from ‘god’ helps our purpose be not selfish but of service to the whole of life.

The fourth, Self-Existing day shows us more specifically what form our service will take – we lay out a foundation from which all our actions and inspirations in the wavespell will rise.

The fifth, Overtone day empowers us with an energy upsurge so that we can move forward in radiance with the purpose, challenge and service we’ve been given.

On the sixth, Rhythmic day we organize our tasks towards growth, also aligning with the beauty of our bodily organs – heart, lungs, digestion, procreation. We use our lives to reflect our own perfect biology, systems working in harmony for sustaining our energy and accomplishment.

On the seventh, Resonant day we take a pause to attune once more to the divine – getting reconnected and reassured so we can proceed in alignment with true creation.

On the eighth,  Galactic day we integrate the inspiration of this attunement to Creator with all our previous preparation, so that:

On the ninth, Solar day we can set our intention, a prayer or wish directly to the sun.

All this careful, methodical and disciplined care allows the manifestation to arrive immediately, on the tenth, Planetary day. This day is our wave’s peak, our highest achievement of aligning to the wavespell’s energy. We are at the summit, and simultaneously stopped from any further ascent. We are of the planet because we can’t ride the momentum further into the stars.

While our Western Civilization identifies with perfectionism, peak experiences and amassing piles of things, the Mayan count moves beyond manifestation, or materialism, into surrender and release.

On the eleventh, Spectral day the wave breaks – everything falls away beneath us – and all we have gained is given away in chaotic but organic dissolution.

On the twelfth, Crystal day, the wave settles from the foment of breaking – and we settle, too, into greater calm. We reflect on the ride we took, the wavespell’s surge of growth and the way the challenge at the outset is no longer something we fear. We come together to share our story and our gifts, all our separate manifestations swirled into a collective, cooperative whole.

And finally, on thirteenth, Cosmic day, we simply revel in all the change we’ve endured, the challenge we’ve transcended. We hold a fading memory of the recent past and a dim sense of a future swell arising from the ocean depths for our next arc of growth, but most significantly and joyfully we feel in the peace of the present moment.