Why wasn’t José Argüelles more successful in making Natural Time famous?


I have had the impression from personal attempts to bring this Mayan code to the fore that the teaching itself does not want to be sullied or dissipated through popularity. Jose Arguelles was successful in creating a modernized and mystical version of the ancient Mayan cycles for us to use congruently with our everyday lives. We could live on his resurrection for generations without wanting for depth of experience.

Maybe Natural Time will become famous, but it seems to me it will do so when it’s naturally time. It wasn’t important that everyone on the planet burn their Gregorian calendars in Jose’s lifetime, nor shall they in mine. Rather, Jose sought to restore part of his Mexican lineage within himself, through mystical wandering, and he shared it with as many who would listen.

He had an agenda of grandeur, but perhaps this was an accidental egoism even in his own teaching. It did not take. I perceive he tried, as others have and will, but it’s not necessary that so many be turned onto the Mayan calendars. It’s more important that those who attune to these sacred cycles do so with true faith and reverence. We’re lucky – those of us in devotion – that the movement is still so pure and unadulterated.