Why should we care about the Maya now that the prophecy is past?


We don’t have to care because anyone is advertising that we should – that’s the best part of the media furor diminishing. We may find that we care, as I still do, so deeply. I care about the ascended Maya, of course, as distinct from caring about the Mayan peninsula and its extant peoples. If you care about the Mayan communities living in Southern Mexico and Central America, that is also beautiful. My point is that we should share passionately and openly about what we truly care about, in our hearts, our souls, our sensibilities.

There is a great phrase in Natural Time to describe living with integrity, in harmony, assigned to the Galactic tone, or the eighth stage in a cyle of 13. The inquiry of the Galactic energy is, ‘Do I live what I believe?’ I am caught asking and answering that constantly on the heels of the prophecy day, and the ensuing year.

I don’t seem able, any longer, to live what I don’t, in my heart, have faith in. I can’t act against my conscious as I used to, enabled by the more destructive energies in my midst. So I am able to care about what I truly love in my life, and discard what doesn’t help my heart, but hurts it. And that to me is the legacy of the change between world ages that the Mayan prophecy proclaimed.