Why should anyone follow Natural Time?


Most prominently, to be in rhythm and apart from the very arbitrary and strangely outdated Gregorian calendar. We don’t have any other world policy as old as the 16th century, never revisited and refreshed.

You could follow Natural Time to experience magic and mystery as expressed in shamanic ritual throughout indigenous cultures. You could follow Natural Time to align your body’s rhythms with the passage of time – specifically through feminine menstruation, or counting the days on your fingers and toes or the major joints of your body as the Maya did.

You could follow it to find a relationship between the passage and time and a spiritual practice – because the Mayan code instructs where to place our reverence every day, not leaving that to mood swing or free will. You could follow Natural Time to entertain yourself with a hidden and forgotten spirituality rife with potent archetypal images and creation mythology, in case your other approaches to holy practice have gotten stale or seem outgrown.

You could also participate in this wave of spiritual study and devotion in order to make sense of the synchronicities that arise, since you will see through the Mayan calendric lens how many accidents are divinely ordained and directly correlate to the passage of Mayan days.

I follow it because I need to dedicate myself to divinity every day, in a way that sparks creativity in my mind and devotion in my heart.