Why is José Argüelles’ writing so hard to read?


I have included this question in part because I have asked it myself. I liken Jose’s writing to a UFO’s user manual, or the translation of an alien transmission. It lacks relatability on the human heart level. I also feel Jose was brilliant and beyond his time.

I attest to this because I can actually understand The Mayan Factor now, but when I tried to read it 15 years ago it was still unintelligible to my psychic development. There are concepts in there that were so radical at first printing but are now totally acceptable and routine within the metaphysical movement. I don’t even try to read The Cosmic History Chronicles, although I expect that in another 20 years, they will become comprehensible. He was an extraordinary illusionist, and it makes it hard to see what he is presenting plainly.

I have personally tried to intermediate between Jose’s collective vision and the wider general public not versed in all things cosmically supernatural. But I am reliant, personally, on his written conversion of the Mayan code. They are the seed from which all other awakening has bloomed.