Why is José Argüelles still important to Natural Time?


It’s important to have a practice of gratitude and homage, and if we are to cite one soul who made the Mayan rhythms accessible and real, it would be Jose.

He was supported by others – friends and family – who also brought their energy to the resurrection and modernization of the Mayan code, but he was the one who wore it like a shield and committed his life entirely to its publicity and presentation to the larger world. And he wasn’t just a promoter, but a passionate artist who made the sacred count of the Maya translatable for us today. He didn’t get rich doing this, and was never really lauded by the New Age movement in a way that would signal ‘success’. He’s not a martyr, either, just someone in between.

I honor Jose because without his work I would never have found this discipline, and it’s been of deep resonance, has reshaped my life. Any one of us who is drawn in and chooses to observe and experience the Tzolkin and 13 Moon calendars in depth is beholden to Jose for his mission. And as I have written, he was so dense with cosmic insight, we will be unraveling his last messages for years to come, finding new insights for our own study of the cycles.