Why don’t you dress more like a Mayan?


I was actually told once, ‘If you wore Mayan clothes, you would get more people at your events.’ I include this inquiry in my FAQ because I gave it a lot of thought, thereafter, why I tend to dress like I’m going for a job interview when I teach, rather than a mystic from another eon.

I am drawn toward presenting my perspective to people who are most in need, and I honor them by showing how I am like them. I am a classic ‘blue blood’ Ivy League-educated overachiever who has struggled with self-esteem blows and episodic trauma my whole life. I am most interested in touching people with hidden hurt, maybe so buried they’ve never been drawn to alternative spirituality. Its dramatic and fantastical presentation may have put them off.

I would like everyone to feel safe, seen and welcomed. I try to dress beautifully, but not to portray myself as falsely indigenous or particularly flouncy. And, as much, I would rather focus on the message than the messenger’s ceremonial garb.