Who did you study with to learn these teachings?


I always try to cite Jose Arguelles and Eden Sky, even though I have never met either of them. I honor my mother, but I never really allowed her to teach me. I read one book of Jose’s – The Mayan Factor – and studied Eden’s annual calendar for two years, with total devotion to the intricacies she presented. That’s it.

When I teach, I try to be the launch pad for your own self-teaching. I believe we hold this information within our soul – that’s why we’re drawn to Natural Time. First it speaks to us, then it speaks through us. It’s an ether that we learn to imbue ourselves with for greater health and harmony, and insight and intuition.

The Maya today may conversely feel only those of the ancestry can learn these cycles and the mythology held within them. But I feel I am learning directly from the ascended Maya, as anyone can, through devotion and practice.