Where do you differ from José Argüelles’ teachings?


In general, I am a direct disciple of Jose Arguelles’ resurrection of the Mayan calendars. Without him, I am nothing :). Like any historic disciple, I have taken a few liberties and I have a few points of dissent.

For instance, I count the tones that correspond with the major joints of our body as beginning at our left ankle; Jose described them starting on the right ankle. I just imagine that as a female, I am drawn to see the count beginning close to the earth on the feminine, receptive side of the body – and he perhaps was intuitively aligned with the masculine directive side stepping forward.

I don’t call the quartets of wavespells – five of them in total – ‘castles’, but rather ‘spirals’, as that sounds less culturally specific to my ear. I don’t use his daily affirmation verses as from a young age I rejected this as sort of sci-fi hokum. I feel that way about most of his game board presentation of the Mayan teachings: perfect for a Blue Monkey mastermind (his birthright), but not straight forward enough for my Blue Storm elemental fury.

I also just can’t abide by some of his space ship rhetoric, such as was famously presented in the New York Times Magazine and made him seem silly when he projected there was a great silver blimp – or something – en route to lift us out of the apocalypse. And any of the specific presaging that had to do with epic financial market implosions – it was embarrassing to me like a kid who wants their parent to be more normal.

I respect prophecy but try not to predict the future as it seems to me another form of denying present moment sensations. I tuned most of the futuristic rhetoric out as it arose in Jose’s teachings and redirected myself to understanding the daily synchronicities of the Tzolkin.

But despite my adolescent rebellion against certain aspects of Jose’s reverie, my work and faith is couched in his incredible intuitive insight that brought the Mayan code to light for us in everyday usage. I thank him and think of him on every Blue Monkey day, and when he passed from this earth, I made a pledge to carry his message forward, ever in honor.