Where are you aligned with José Argüelles’ teachings?


I am aligned in nearly every way, and what comes most strongly to mind is that I agree this is a metaphysical teaching more than a literal Mayan translation. Like Jose, I believe this is a gift from and link to the ascended Maya. And Jose, most impressively to me, sought to integrate the world spiritualities, rather than support dualism and exclusion between practitioners.

He found the sacred numerology connectors between the Maya and the I’Ching, first, then in the Celtic Runes and the Sanskrit chakras. He was himself a practicing Buddhist for many years and used concepts from his Rinpoche in his Anglicized translation of the Tzolkin.

I also believe in integration of world spiritualities and particularly enjoy exploring the likenesses between the Mayan code and the Christian one, especially since it was Catholicism that in some respects decimated indigenous religions. It’s a cutting edge to me to see the convergence of Christ’s message and the Tzolkin. I love perpetuating Jose’s magician insight and practicing his sleight of hand to keep things challenging and evolving on this path.