What would the Maya think about people appropriating their sacred traditions?


I have stated that my belief is the ascended Maya, the souls of those who died when genocide came to the Mayan territories (some of it intentional murder, most of it unintentional disease and starvation), are guiding those of us drawn to their sacred cycles. Many of us are not of Mayan ancestry.

I don’t know what the Mayan people alive today think of this use of their ancient calendars for the stabilizing and deepening of faith. I am sure opinions are varied. I have been lucky in that I feel people with clear hearts and clear minds can see what is clear in my practice and my teaching. I trust that there is a divine order asking all of us to work towards integration instead of exclusion. I have had this karma in my own family of mixed ethnicity, so the process for me has been very ‘real’ and not only an ideological argument.