What makes you think you can prophesy native Mayan spirituality?


I don’t actually prophesy ‘native Mayan’ spirituality. I feel like I can channel the ascended Maya, whom I envision as the souls that rose when the Mayan civilization was all but decimated by colonial invasion. I can sense that there is a heavenly realm of those holding these cycles in their spirit, and they are actively encouraging some of us to embrace their ceremonial legacy.

I try not to portray that I can prophesy the future – such as specific events and outcomes – because I believe it’s most holistic to keep our attention on what we feel, in our body and soul, in the present moment. But I do rely on the Mayan cycles as factual and real, not a fantasia, i.e., I can imagine that an upcoming Blue Storm year will be catalyzing. Or I can describe that tomorrow, perhaps a Yellow Spectral Warrior day, might dissolve into conflict. The cycles are meant to be guideposts and anchors to help us develop faith and trust.