What is the significance of my 52nd birthday?


When you turn 52, your Mayan birthday based on the Tzolkin and your Gregorian birthday are finally synchronized once more. It happens the day we are born, and then every 52 years. Presumably, few of us will live until we are 104. And also presumably, the Maya did not commonly live longer than 52 years, given the life threatening insurgencies of indigenous times.

I describe that when we come toward the passage of our 52nd birthday, we are drawn into greater authenticity. We are becoming angels on earth: our bodies house us further but we are in other senses drawn heavenward. We seek to be of service rather than to serve ourselves. We step away from our families of origin, and into being children of god, detached from old familial aches and trauma. We may have hard times as we slough off our false selves, feeling torn apart as our fate seems to demand we become more true and naked, a metaphysical rebirth.

I’ve seen every iteration of this transit: job or location change; old relationships ended or new ones in bloom; financial crisis; health scares and even death; a spiritual reckoning; a grandchild is born. There are a couple of years surrounding this for the purification to run through us. It’s an important time to honor one’s self for the hard work of rebirth, and reconstitution into a being of grace.