What is my ‘Occult’ partner?


It is the tribe that is mystical to you, a place of mystery and enchantment. Occult means ‘hidden’, in a sort of secrecy or remove from consciousness. This is where are intuition lives, and our dream life. Our Occult partners lead us into a surreal and mysterious experience deeper or larger than everyday occurrences. The sum of Occult tribes adds up to 21:

1 Red Dragon – 0/20 Yellow Sun
2 White Wind – 19 Blue Storm
3 Blue Night – 18 White Mirror
4 Yellow Seed – 17 Red Earth
5 Red Serpent – 16 Yellow Warrior
6 White Worldbridger – 15 Blue Eagle
7 Blue Hand – 14 White Wizard
8 Yellow Star – 13 Red Skywalker
9 Red Moon – 12 Yellow Human
10 White Dog – 11 Blue Monkey

You can read more in any of my written literature – I do want to encourage your understanding but some of these special energies need more exploration than in a FAQ. They are sacred mystical powers each of us is imbued with at birth. I hope you will take some time to go deeper with your personal ‘medicine wheel’, which includes an Analog, Antipode, Guide and Occult Partner.