What is my ‘Antipode’ power?


It is the tribe that is most opposite you, literally because it is the opposite finger or toe of your own tribe’s. It represents the energy that challenges you in your life, but in doing so brings balance. I always encourage people to embrace, and make peace with, your Antipode power. The difference between the tribe numbers of Antipode partners is always 10.

0/20 Yellow Sun – 10 White Dog – thumbs
1 Red Dragon – 11 Blue Monkey – pointer fingers
2 White Wind – 12 Yellow Human – middle fingers
3 Blue Night – 13 Red Skywalker – ring fingers
4 Yellow Seed – 14 White Wizard – pinky fingers
5 Red Serpent – 15 Blue Eagle – big toes
6 White Worldbridger – 16 Yellow Warrior – second toes
7 Blue Hand – 17 Red Earth – third toes
8 Yellow Star – 18 White Mirror – fourth toes
9 Red Moon – 19 Blue Storm – pinky toes

You can read more in any of my written literature – I do want to encourage your understanding but some of these special energies need more exploration than in a FAQ. They are sacred mystical powers each of us is imbued with at birth. I hope you will take some time to go deeper with your personal ‘medicine wheel’, which includes an Analog, Antipode, Guide and Occult Partner.