What is a ‘moon’?


A ‘moon’ is a term that was also used in Native American cultures to describe not necessarily the lunar cycle, but a woman’s menstruation. It was more marked in an indigenous tribe when a woman started her menstruation than when the moon was new or full. It became a way to track time, and presumably in a less industrialized society women cycled at 28 days, which is considered healthy or optimal.

A ‘moon’ in Natural Time is a 28-day month that replaces the 30- and 31-day months we’ve used in Gregorian time. There are 13 moons in a year (13 x 28 = 364) with one day left between years, called the ‘Day Out of Time.’ A moon is subdivided into familiar 7-day weeks. The 13 Moon calendar looks just like a Gregorian grid, except every month is evenly 4 rows of 7. It’s relaxing to the eye! It’s a year of Februaries.