What does Resonant Truth mean?


I named my presentation in the world ‘Resonant Truth’ because I didn’t want to call it ‘Lisa Star.’ I was drawn to the Resonant tone as a descriptor because I do endeavor here to channel and attune from divinity, rather than just throw around my own mental thought forms. I am aspiring to bring the ascended Maya into our daily lives.

I am pretty dedicated to truth telling. This means everything from troublemaking (saying what most people would rather have silenced) to exploring the boundaries of truth – like is having visions true or false? Is it a fantasy or is it real?

Resonant Truth is intended to be an experience of true divination, the truth about a resonant and less physicalized world. It’s an invitation for all of us to trust and develop our intuition, our visioning, our faith in synchronicities that arise through Natural Time, and in the ascended Maya themselves, as a supernatural force of guidance and inspiration.