What does In Lak’ech mean?


In Lak’ech is to my mind a Mayan version of the Sanskrit greeting, Namaste. It’s similar in that it is a soul honoring: larger than this body, longer than its short life on earth, I bow to your eternal self. I see you and I see all that surrounds you in divinity.

In Lak’ech has been translated to mean, tu es mi otro yo, ‘you are my other self.’ Generally, in the Natural Time community, the expression is, “I am another yourself.’ The holiness within the phrase is that we are equal, inclusive, reflective of one another. We are the same, and when we hurt or heal another it will impact ourselves similarly.

This is perfectly sympathetic with all sorts of spiritual disciplines – historic (‘do unto others…) and contemporary (the adage about pointing a finger at someone and seeing how many others are pointing back at oneself).  It is an exercise in getting free from judgment and condemnation, from feeling less or greater than, from pointing out difference and dissent.

It also, to me, implies the discovery of a soul connection: there you are, you are my other me. But in Mayan mysticism as I experience it, soul mates are not reserved for romantic roles. We can find them all day, everyday, by beholding each other more deeply.