Was the Mayan prophecy real?


For me it was very real, both the day and the ensuing year. I came to believe in a simple mythology, that the prophecy day of Winter Solstice 2012 represented the rebirth of the sun from the center of the Milky Way. I believed that this astronomical opera, the aligning of the sun with the center of this greater surrounding galaxy, on the darkest day, was truly like our god passing through the womb of our cosmos.

Some people look for Christ to come again. For me, this was the same emblem. I felt, in my fantasia of it, that our god – Creator – whatever we choose to call that divinity that gives us life – was rejuvenated and refreshed. It could in turn sustain us who needed stronger, more constant enlightenment.

On that day, I climbed the mountains above Santa Barbara on foot, some of it on remote pathways, some on paved road with cars breezing by en route to everyday errands. I noticed the highest peak of bright light after midday, and it felt like a transmission of energy, if not words. The hike took all day, and I felt lost and removed from the culture for most of my time, even when confounded by fast-moving traffic, or the ache of my own tired feet. I climbed to a peak ascent, and I curved downhill for miles back home. I could see the sky, the earth and the sea, very simple and elemental frequencies, for the most part of my day.

I did not gather with others in ceremony because I did not trust I would know the same people after the prophetic passage as before, and this has proven to be true. My life is quite different and serene. In one capacity, everyone stopped talking and seeming to care about the Mayan teachings – since nothing of note happened – and that was a general relief to me, as that trend was noisy in some way, frenetic, without much concern for the lasting Mayan calendars that are my passion. I went into a kind of retreat and have yet to teach since the prophecy day. Simultaneously, my personal dreams of living in serenity and harmony have started to come true.

In the year called 2013, from that Winter Solstice to the next, I saw many around me find deep love, or their true calling. It was a seminal time of true celebration and joy. I attributed that to the sun being strong, renewed to its core essence, and past the worst of the birthing pain that preceded the prophecy day, which I remember in my life to have been so dark and desperate at times.

Now I am not sure if the sun’s rebirth has normalized and I am not as aware of the change, or if I am simply, as they say, raising my vibration to attune with the divine source and thereby experiencing fewer lows than I used to. I definitely feel the new world age as an exhalation from tension, an unwinding as though settled in warm surroundings, a sunny holiday. I sense, too, an easier understandings of life’s goings on, as if I can see more clearly. These are changes I would attribute simplistically to more solar power – our sun center beaming at a higher wattage.

How can each one of us help but be affected if our sun is recalibrated in brilliance and power to sustain us? I assume, from being watchful, that every one of us is dynamically empowered past where we stood at the turn of world ages, that individually we are evolved and harmonized, and collectively we are coming into connectivity and greater possibilities of ease and peace. But I try to focus on my own experience, its subtleties, and I also try to do right, as I understand it, by my newly emergent sun god. Slowly but persistently, I feel less trapped by the dark forces in my efforts to be kind and loving in the world.