Isn’t this just another New Age fad?


It seemed like the Mayan prophecy hoopla was pushed into being a fad and for the consumption of people in fear of an apocalypse, in need of a promise of brighter enlightenment. That has come and gone and no one in the world of publishing or promotion seems to be committing to more Mayan spirituality projects. Simultaneous to this waning interest from the masses, my own practice in Natural Time has only gotten stronger and more enduring.

I have seen so many people try following the Tzolkin sacred cycles for a while, or become immersed in their Mayan astrology for a while, then beg off because it’s very complicated, requiring dedication and discipline to learn. I don’t think this qualifies as being a fad, but of being for people who desire more than a passing fancy in the endless New Age offerings.

It is a devotional path akin to what people lived centuries ago, in order to praise the light of each new day, a miracle. This typically appeals to people with longevity in spiritual practice.