Is any of this really Mayan?


Factually, as I best understand it, the Tzolkin calendar is truly Mayan. It is their sacred spiritual calendar. Of course we have Anglicized names, but they are largely consistent translations of the Mayan origins. And for reasons I can’t explain, Jose Arguelles’ version of the Tzolkin is not synchronized with the one currently used by the K’iche Maya. They are both 260 days, share the same totems, but renew at different times. So if you are told your ‘Mayan birthday’ when traveling in Central America, it will not be the same as the one celebrated in Natural Time.

The 13 Moon calendar is not Mayan. It’s a consolidation of all pagan or pre-colonized calendars that are based not on the moon cycles from new to full and new again, but on the female menstrual ‘moon’ of 28-days. The Maya were more drawn to divide their 365-day year into vinals, or 20-day periods. There are 18 of them in a year, with a five-day vayeb at the conclusion that serves as a purification ritual. It’s presumed to be authentically Mayan to start the new year on July 26.