How is Natural Time based in our body?


The Maya, not having anything from writing utensils to smart phones, kept track of time on their body, which was always accessible. We can do the same. The 20 tribes of the Tzolkin are counted on our fingers and toes, starting with the right thumb, then moving to the right foot, then the left foot, and finishing on the left hand.

Right thumb – Yellow Sun
Right pointer finger – Red Dragon
Right middle finger – White Wind
Right ring finger – Blue Night
Right pinky finger – Yellow Seed

Right big toe – Red Serpent
Right pointer toe – White Worldbridger
Right middle toe – Blue Hand
Right ring toe – Yellow Star
Right pinky toe – Red Moon

Left thumb – White Dog
Left pointer finger – Blue Monkey
Left middle finger – Yellow Human
Left ring finger – Red Skywalker
Left pinky finger – White Wizard

Left big toe – Blue Eagle
Left pointer toe – Yellow Warrior
Left middle toe – Red Earth
Left ring toe – White Mirror
Left pinky toe – Blue Storm

The 13 tones that make up a wavespell are counted on the major joints of our body. Jose Arguelles interpreted them to begin on the right ankle – but I made a choice to diverge and begin on the left ankle. I was trained to sense the left side of our body as receptive and feminine – the right side directive and masculine. I prefer to start from receptivity, accepting gifts and direction from the universe.

Left ankle – Magnetic
Left knee – Lunar
Left hip – Electric
Left wrist – Self-Existing
Left elbow – Overtone
Left shoulder – Rhythmic

Neck – Resonant

Right shoulder – Galactic
Right elbow – Solar
Right wrist – Planetary
Right hip – Spectral
Right knee – Crystal
Right ankle – Cosmic

The chakras are also represented, spinning energy centers that are aligned with our spinal column. In the 13 Moon calendar, we celebrate each 7-day week as a spiral through the chakras. These are energetic spaces in our body, yet they can influence physical sensations in the area they govern.

Crown chakra – Day 1
Root chakra – Day 2
Third Eye chakra – Day 3
Sacral chakra – Day 4
Throat chakra – Day 5
Solarplexus chakra – Day 6
Heart chakra – Day 7

I hope this makes it clear that every arising day, in the Tzolkin or 13 Moon calendars, has a specific correlation to three different parts of our body. We can use this as the Maya did, to count off the passing days. Or as a divination tool: my left hip hurts – I am working on Electric issues of being of service, or perhaps overdoing service and extending myself too codependently; I disjointed my left ring finger and as it heals I understand I am addressing my relationship to Red Skywalker‘s shadow energy of escaping out of body in disassociation and addiction. On a heart chakra day we may have heartache, or our heart soars with new stirrings of love and affection.

The point is to bring knowledge and awareness out of solely our brains and into our extended limbs, so that we’re living the calendar’s changes with our whole bodies, holistically.