How do I learn more about others through their Mayan astrology?


Most importantly, pay attention to how you feel when their days/moons/wavespells arise. And also learn the circle of influences around their Mayan birthday: guide, antipode, analog and occult partner. Notice what wavespell their day falls within, and realize they have a role in that seminal energy field coming to life.

By the way, you might feel obsessive about a person’s Mayan astrology because they are here to teach you something. If you can detach your focus from them and instead fixate on their Tzolkin energy, you will see what they are here to show you, to balance within you and fill in your life where you have lack.

Fixate on their archetypal essence: that’s what you crave, hunger for. You want what they have – but maybe by understanding their Mayan oracle you can get that quality of life in another way. Or by simply bringing it to consciousness, you relax your inexplicable tension about want, need for someone and simply can celebrate the mythology they hold.