How do I learn more about my Mayan astrology?


This is a broad question! The answer that comes to mind is: years of dedication to being in Natural Time. I don’t really believe in spiritual shortcuts, or I could say I don’t believe spiritual shortcuts work because they have a destination in mind. And the whole gestalt of spiritual practice, to me, is in the process. That there is no actual arrival point seems, too, to be the biggest spiritual lesson.

You can learn by reading: books, calendars, the web posts from so many passionate authors. You can learn by paying attention to the days that arise and are significant to your cosmology. What synchronicities and signs arise? What happens? How do you feel? Whom do you encounter? What memories of earlier times arise?

And then, you can learn what you already know. For instance, I’m a Blue Overtone Storm. I have spent time over the years deeply immersed in the Mayan origins, experienced magical Tzolkin occurrences, and weathered my own catalytic passages. But I’ve also watched lightning, listened for thunder, felt the deluge of dark winter rains, seen the sun emerge afterwards in renewed resilience. This has helped me understand my essence. I assume the Mayan were looking at the totems of the Tzolkin that literally, and it is important sometimes to be primitive – primal – in our self-exploration, like children.