How do I explain to others about their Mayan astrology?


I try to keep it very simple. I mostly offer the tribe – and I call it a ‘Mayan archetype’ or a ‘Mayan day sign’. I don’t like blasting people with super esoteric imagery and I also don’t want to win anyone over – the cult sales pitch. I might say, ‘You were born on the day when the Maya celebrated —- and so you hold that energy for your whole lifetime.’

There are tribes that are very comprehensible to Western civilization sensibilities (Storm, Sun, Star, Wind, Moon, Earth, Dog, Monkey, Eagle), and there are some that will need some help with orientation (Skywalker, Worldbridger, Dragon, Mirror). There are the in-betweens, too, where the tribe means something identifiable in English language – but what does it mean in terms of mysticism (Night, Seed, Hand)?

You can refer people to a website, and you can also just keep practicing your short hand of the tribe descriptions so you can help people understand easily, in few words. Lots of people will want lots of words, but it’s nice to practice simplicity and spareness. To share light instead of a heavy concept load. That’s just my opinion, based on some trial and error.

In terms of explaining about the tone, I often use the physicalized wave and say, ‘You were born on the day when the wave peaks/breaks/just moves up from sea level.’ Or I share Arguelles’ descriptions of the tone: ‘You are drawn toward integrity and harmony/organizing and creating equality/empowering and commanding people.’ Practice makes imperfect 😉 but develops your own style and skill at conveying the basics.

P.S. My Natural Time Handbook to the calendars is very helpful in seeing the short cuts and essence of the tribes and tones!