How can Mayan spirituality be taught on the Internet?


This is a grand philosophical argument that bounces around my head plenty! From my perspective, the question is, ‘How can I teach Mayan spirituality through the Internet?’ Furthermore, ‘How can I stand to?’ This is because I find staring at my computer screen for any reason for long durations as mind numbing and hard on my eyes.

The gift of the Internet is international connectivity. I am grateful for the ability to bond with people from every continent on the path of Natural Time. It’s lonely otherwise. I would not wish to give up Resonant Truth and recede back to having no contact with others who care about the Tzolkin. For that reason, I devote most of my Internet access time to the site. Then I take long walks in nature with my dogs.

In terms of the insinuation that something ancient and indigenous can’t be broadcasted through pixels or bounced off satellites, I don’t know what to say. I try to believe in the brilliance of our modern innovation, while I simultaneously hold fast to elemental principles like time outdoors brings me closest to the residual energy of those who went before me.

If I can really appreciate the sunset, the moonrise, I am following the path of ancients and keeping their spirit alive. I balance this kind of faith with wondrous amazement – and at times disgust and disdain – for what technology can do. Truly, most of the internet is like having our wildest dreams come true, for better or worse, and I am navigating the awe and overwhelm as much as the next human.