Do you offer Mayan ceremony?


I am not much of a ceremonialist; my passion of expression is through writing and art and teaching in the oral tradition – but not calling in the gods for public gatherings. I have never met a Mayan ceremonialist and would never want to portray myself as able to present their traditions.

I rarely choose to participate in indigenous ceremony, as I am more comfortably drawn to multi-cultural celebrations where innovation is allowed and not considered appropriation. My children are Native American and I was taught through exposure to their greater family that it does feel like theft when people insensitively reenact indigenous traditions. So I admittedly err on the side of being non-participatory in order to stay clean in my conscience.

That said, we all have karmic connections to other cultures and their traditions. I honor those that feel capable of crossing over to do ceremony in lineages different than their own bloodline. I always reflect that in a past life anyone might have been from a completely different schema, and we may access those spiritual memories in this lifetime by being called toward the culture that we once, etherically, belonged within.