Do you consider yourself a shaman?


I am not someone who believes a shaman can only be of a still indigenous tribe or culture. I sense, for example, that Carl Jung was a shaman. I was taught deeply by a woman who is certainly in my perception a shaman, Margit Drysdale of Ukiah, California. She never ceremonialized me as a shaman, but through her rituals and profoundly expansive guidance, I do feel I stepped into authority as a seer and healer. Later, attuned to the ascended Maya, I became a teacher of their etheric legacy.

I do not call myself a shaman because I am shy and overly sensitive to appropriating certain terms and tones of Native American spirituality, but I sense I am easily a White Wizard, as described in Natural Time: I hold the eye of god in a sanctuary you may enter for insight and healing. Carl Jung was a White Cosmic Wizard, indeed.