Blue Spectral Storm

7.21.21 – Day 11/13 of the Red Moon Wavespell * Cosmic Moon 25

Today is the first day of the ‘vayeb,’ the 5-day period that ushers in the new Mayan year. You can imagine in an earlier time that all went inward and in particular found ways to shepherd out the old year’s events and energy. Blue Lunar Storm has been trial by fire, a deluge of grief, an immense shadow-light polarization structure. The darkness was undeniable except for constant flares of conflict. It’s ending now. In the Electric year we’ll feel the influence and confluence of a higher power than human emotional combat filling in the vast chasms of dissonance we’ve created. Take time to let go of this intense, historic passage we’ve endured. The next one won’t have fast, easy harmony, but it’s building toward acts of service, instead of self-preservation, which will help break this hard cycle.