Blue Spectral Night

5.31.20 – Day 11/13 of the Red Skywalker wavespell * Crystal Moon 2

The Crystal Moon has begun with obvious indications of people coming together collectively – in crowds, en masse – and out of the isolation of our pandemic’s lockdown. We are seeking a resolution of the year’s wavespell in this next 28 days, wanting to share our story with others and to hear of their parallel experiences to reinforce that while we all have individuated quests in a wavespell, we are not alone in the process of seeking and growing. The Red Skywalker wavespell is waning, but is still a perfect set up for the approaching White Worldbridger time. Launched into the sky, far from earth, in the Red Skywalker impulse, we are situated close to the bridge between worlds: our atmospheric earth and the cosmos, our incarnation and the afterlife. Feel the fluidity between these analog (support) wavespells as one closes and another opens.