Blue Spectral Hand

5.30.21 – Day 11/13 of the Red Earth Wavespell * Crystal Moon 1

The Crystal Moon enters at the end of May, with the reminder that May is always Spectral, as far back as you can find this month in your life history. Anything that happens between May 2 and May 29 is part of a breaking wave, so you can think of birthdays and memorable events from this time and recognize that they happened in a window of dissolving, releasing and liberation. I gave birth to my first child on May 25, 27 years ago. Trace your own karmic past and see what associations arise. Now we are turning toward the resolution that the Crystal tone represents. The wave climb and break are over. It’s just the time for things to settle and move toward calm and stillness. It’s a wrapping up of this arduous year, and the arising mood is peace.