Blue Solar Night

11.27.20 – Day 9/13 of the Blue Eagle wavespell * Overtone Moon 13

Thanksgiving fell on White Galactic Wind, a final salute to the paternal divinity of Mayan astrology. The Sky Father, the giver of breath, the absent presence of space and air – and on the most shadowy level, the patriarch who is stuck in masculine aims and attitudes without consideration or co-parenting practices that include the divine feminine. So maybe you also had a day which included vestiges of that oppressive, harsh aggression. Just know it ended a 40-day (41, actually) progression of White Wind’s preeminence. And now we are just freshly beginning the Red Dragon 41-day arc, thankfully entirely maternal, the nurturer, the place of constant contact and holding fast onto us. The center point of this Red Dragon sojourn is the Red Dragon wavespell which also begins our next Tzolkin cycle. That’s coming up. Stay with Natural Time for this approaching transit, with only the Yellow Star wavespell left as we complete our 260-day spiraling into the center of enchantment.