Blue Solar Monkey

6.23.21 – Day 9/13 of the Blue Night Wavespell * Crystal Moon 25

It’s nearly the end of the Crystal Moon. The moon that’s almost full will probably swamp us with an intensity that upends the true resolution we’ve encountered the last weeks as we work through this tone of cooperation and dedication to the collective. So try to grab your story arc one more time to see how it’s come to completion. The themes of a Blue Lunar Storm year are identifying how we are different than others, while also have psycho-emotional breakthroughs that force us to not feel better than those we are clearly separate from in belief and practice. The ways we are different will be resolved, reconnected in ten years when we get to the Crystal year of this 13-year wavespell. For now we just own and identify where we are in the shadow realm and the light that our earth moon demonstrates in its phases. And we see where others live, occupy the opposite space. Use this full moon glare to look closely at your year’s discoveries. Then the Cosmic Moon will come and take any logic or oversight away and set as adrift in transcendence, in being present, and enduring the tension of the next wave stirring deep below us.