Blue Solar Monkey

10.6.20 – Day 9/13 of the Blue Night wavespell * Electric Moon 17

Trump continues to be topical in the Electric Moon of his birth tone, but imagine that this might be the swan song moment of world dominance or a fully exposed public reckoning. It’s worth considering, too, that about 80 million people think he unfailingly is accomplished and of deep service to the country (the astrological implication of being Blue Electric Hand). Meanwhile, the mood of the Blue Night wavespell is dreamy and abundant. How are you seeing home/household at the center of your considerations right now? Your body that houses your soul? Your cash windfalls coming in for this brief 13-day spell are to be celebrated. Abundance is not an every day aspiration in Natural Time – but right now the human impulses of hoarding and greed is allowed berth and we can discernibly receive payouts that bring delight and a sense of fulfillment.