Blue Self-Existing Storm

10.14.20 – Day 4/13 of the Yellow Warrior wavespell * Electric Moon 25

We’re in another layering of the Blue Storm year on this Blue Storm day: amplified energy means amplified information. See how your Storm day played out, note the highlights that stood out, were exclamatory. These are indications of your larger year’s fate forming. Messages come through these ‘Magic Turtle’ moments. There is also in the renewal of yet another Mayan sacred calendar – the sequence of 20-day ‘vinals’ – a phrase that is presented to us every time we come back to Blue Storm. Currently, we enter the vinal zec that carries the phrase, ‘that reaches the foundations.’ To recap, we have these other vinal phrases behind us since the year’s start: the one who knows / listens in silence / in order to integrate the universe / based on the knowledge. We just went through the ‘based on the knowledge’ vinal – what knowledge did we acquire? Personally, collectively. I think it’s worth noting that in that time we learned that Donald Trump is finally being seen more uniformly as laughable, ridiculous and impotent, after years of him looming large as evil, terrorizing and pathological. That is our new, developing and relieving knowledge base. Now, it will reach our foundation. Next Blue Storm day is the American election!