Blue Resonant Monkey

4.4.21 – Day 7/13 of the Red Serpent Wavespell * Planetary Moon 1

We will find in this new Planetary Moon a revisitation of ‘challenge’ that originated in the Lunar Moon last August-September. There is so much that manifests – comes to fruition, peaks and can be accomplished – in the Planetary moment, but it’s also when the ceiling on our growth is capped and we feel our karma of being embodied, incarnated on earth. And with that, again, comes challenge. Problems and suffering are one form of challenge, but it’s always an invitation to strengthen and grow. In the Planetary tone, we are not going to have a bunch of new challenges/problems/hardships. Instead it’s a revisitation of what has been hard this whole year, so for the last 9-10 moons of our lives. The challenge takes our focus as we finally crest beyond it. There it is again, then it’s gone.