Blue Resonant Hand

4.5.20 – Day 7/13 of the Red Dragon wavespell * Planetary Moon 2

I forgot in this episode to reflect on the overall implications of being in the very front end of the Tzolkin again, but my epic discourse on matriarchy vs. patriarchy is one way to launch into the beginning of the cycle. The Mayan creation mythology is told through the 20-tribe line up of the Tzolkin, always starting at the female divinity (Red Dragon) and her masculine counterpart (White Wind). Please see how it is plainly presented – and differentiated from so many other theologies – that the cycle of life begins with the sacred mother. We’re in that specialized time right now, and can learn about the power it offers as well as what seeks to undercut it. We can see it outwards in the behaviors of others, and we can admit where we struggle with this duality within ourselves: impulses to care, connect, keep safe are sabotaged by selfishness, brutish strength and determined isolation.