Blue Planetary Night

1.6.21 – Day 10/13 of the White Wizard Wavespell * Rhythmic Moon 25

Looking at January 6, 2021 through the Mayan lens, it’s not obvious how things got so incredibly insane. But Blue Night days are like a dream – and there was plenty to witness culturally today that unfolded like a disjoined nocturnal walkabout with nightmarish twists but mostly lots of odd non sequiturs. And the Planetary tone always forces us to face what’s going on right here, laterally, no heavenly escape valves. It’s the peak moment of the White Wizard wavespell, a time of dark enchantment as well as light. It’s a Lunar year, dividing everything into polar opposition. It’s a Blue Storm year – combustible, pressure-bursting, chaotic. Today was guided by Blue Monkey – which operates like the lies children tell in its shadow energy: grandiose and guileless, irrational but offered with such conviction. That sounds about right.