Blue Overtone Storm

8.10.21 – Day 5/13 of the Blue Eagle Wavespell – Magnetic Moon 16

Today is my Mayan birthday. Since I’m the voice of Natural Time, I think it’s worth disclosing. My perspective, my perseverance for 22 years in the dedication to the Mayan cycles and teaching them publicly is anchored in the disposition of being Blue, and Overtone, and a Storm. It’s probably irritating plenty of the time, even alienating, to have to deal with someone who is bossy, who is high energy and turbulent, full of outpouring and less able to receive, situated in the western sky of drawing in the night’s darkness. Of course it is also my own form of magic, majesty and enticement that I live as the embodiment of the storm front and the dreamtime and that my energy is designed to empower myself and those I touch: Blue Overtone Storm. It’s been 260 days since my ultimate rebirth at age 52, and I am also confident that to share my truth in this passage that describes Mayan transcendence from a life of survival to a life of service, is also important, instructive. We have an ego not to overindulge and turn to arrogance, but to on occasion recognize our own value, the specialized worth of our particular existence. So I celebrate having gifts – infused in me by my karmic astrology and some divinity that designed it – to share with you.