Blue Overtone Night

3.7.21 – Day 5/13 of the Blue Storm Wavespell * Solar Moon 1

New Moon – per Natural Time. This indicates we’ve just today begun the ninth ‘moon’ of the year – a 28-day month. It’s the Solar Moon – and in this time we are ourselves solar, sun-like, and therein able to be closer to the sun itself, the source. We can communicate in the way our Creator does, and in that shared language we can confide our wishes, wants, intentions. We speak to the sun at the near crest of our year-long wavespell, for the next four weeks. It’s a time of speed, urgency, focus and aspiration. It’s possible to get ‘burned out.’ The Blue Storm wavespell now conjunct with the Solar Moon should exponentially heighten and heat up our days. The best way to survive the storm is to find its quiet center. And get grounded.