Blue Overtone Monkey

4.29.20 – Day 5/13 of the Blue Hand wavespell * Planetary Moon 26

This Planetary Moon has really taken us to the most dense, static place in the whole Mayan year. We are at the very peak of a 10-moon ascent and about to tip over. It makes sense that things have slowed, seemed to be moving at a glacial pace by comparison to the fiery Solar Moon and its last stages of pushing us up as far as we could burn into the atmosphere. Time to turn homeward, Rocket Man. And stop dreams of blasting out of earthen reality into the stars. We are obviously facing planetary issues in our cultural surround, but also seeing manifestation to personal wishes and dreams evolved through our entire year to date. Maybe the societal wishes and dreams and the dashing of both is a hotter topic since we’ve been in quarantine. But you can still trace what has happened in the past 26 days, culminating on Friday’s final stage of the Planetary tone, that is your personal high point and greatest achievement in this annual climb skyward.