Blue Lunar Night

7.25.21 – Day 2/13 of the White Wind Wavespell * Day Out of Time

Today is called the ‘Day Out of Time’ as a poetic description of being unconnected to any of the 13 Moons. It’s neither the furtherance of our recent, final Cosmic Moon or an antecedent of the Magnetic Moon that launches our new year on July 26. It’s a day’s breath away from the 13 Moon wavespell that is demanding work for all of us who follow its fluid changes. In that way, time stops – no consideration for the purposefulness that tomorrow’s Magnetic tone drives, no last grip on the year that was completed in a form of transcendence in the Cosmic time. Like the late night of New Year’s Eve in the Gregorian tradition, we’re awash in enchantment, finalizing and releasing the past while turning wakefully toward the future. It’s a special way to be in connection to the ancient cultures that saw July 26 as the new year – the Maya and Egyptians both – and to feel caught again in the power of any devotion you feel to this modern Mayan movement.