Blue Galactic Storm

12.8.21 – Day 8/13 of the Yellow Human Wavespell – Overtone Moon 24

The Yellow Human wavespell feels stultifying and cynical. The human experience is not that impressive this time around. Free will, one of the descriptors Jose Arguelles gave us for the Yellow Human tribe, has become an ugly feature of the human personality, run amok, rather than something we would esteem. It’s another way to say ‘I’ll do whatever the fuck I want,’ at its worst. And at its best, free will means we fight oppression – with the fallibility of also using our will to oppress others. We’re so mired in hypocrisy and the inability to see how much we project our failings onto others, as a species. And this is the fun run through the Yellow Human wavespell. It’s nearing its capitulation point, however, with a Storm day, a brilliant Sun day and then arrival in the maternal vessel of Red Dragon. That the Yellow Human wavespell peaks at Red Planetary Dragon reminds us that at our best, our closest to divinity, we are deeply feminine and holy, nurturing and caring for others.