Blue Galactic Night

10.18.20 – Day 8/13 of the Yellow Warrior wavespell * Self-Existing Moon 1

The Self-Existing Moon starts today and turns our attention to the details, line items of our annual purpose – after three moons of being more philosophical and conceptual. It might seem busier to have all the activity of organizing and arranging our plans, but also delightful to not be hamstrung by ideas, pondering and spiritual interplay with your guides. We can be do-ers now, for a while. The Yellow Warrior moment is more conflictual than I may have predicted. There’s a natural machismo in running our male protective energy while also reiterating a basic battlefield concept: I will survive. That narrow focus finds us intolerant of histrionics, of drama, of unconscious and meandering energy. Focused, fierce, fearless. We may have to warm to such an intense self-preserving form of empowerment, but once we acclimate to strength, determination, we find the pleasures of living without rattled nerves, emotional collapse and uncertainty.