Blue Electric Night

4.1.20 – Day 3/13 of the Red Dragon wavespell * Solar Moon 26

The Red Dragon wavespell is the first of our new Tzolkin cycle and from day 1 I noticed it was thick karma with a promise of 260 days full of learning and unlearning, overcoming and coming undone. I was shocked awake and cried a bunch – like a newborn baby, I guess. But by the Lunar day, I could parse out the challenge from the magnitude of the purpose now, which is to nurture, be motherly, be the goddess. Men, women, no barriers or restrictions to access. Take care of those you can reach and be warm. Nourish and be encompassing. This is natural. The resistance is a patriarchal shadow dance, a tired habit, and again not restricted to men. Watch your own oppression of the divine feminine, and then shed it.