Blue Electric Hand

3.31.21 – Day 3/13 of the Red Serpent Wavespell * Solar Moon 25

The Red Serpent wavespell regresses us to primality – both a pre-industrial bent with appetites for nature, simplicity and solitude as well as being reactive, tetchy like an instinctual wild creature. It’s very difficult to process situational complexity right now – and yet our human lives are set up with all that endless, overbearing detail. It takes time, and discomfort, to fully enter the snake phase when we lose our excess limbs, become relegated to lying along the earth, no longer erect humans or birds in flight. As we transit fully into the acceptance that we are reptiles operating from base survival for this passage, we have to suffer the loss of control of what our higher mind usually sorts out and solves for us. Instead we are in our amygdala, scanning for safety and danger, ways to eat and procreate and rest. The portals that characterize this wavespell, day after day, take us deeper into the primitive evolutionary self until we find ourselves at peace with its limitations.