Blue Crystal Night

12.12.21 – Day 12/13 of the Yellow Human Wavespell – Overtone Moon 28

The Overtone Moon is over, and the Rhythmic Moon begins. We have been living the Jose Arguelles-coined question How can I best empower myself? for the last 28 days. Now we turn to the more convoluted and brain-bending How can I extend my equality to others? It’s always nice to have a whole moon to try to understand the intent of the Rhythmic tone, and the complexity of the question Jose invented to accompany it. It’s nice to keep the question in mind as a riddle, not just for the answer, but in its mystical intent. We will learn we are equal to others in this time – that’s implicit in our ability to then give that sense of sameness and power balance out to the world. It’s a potential for class and race harmony over conflict – equality extended where it’s too often denied. It’s an egoless stance: I am equal, not better, to others and I’m going to let them know I know it. It’s a seasonal act of humility, of deference, of easing tension. I don’t know why more Christmas holiday gatherings don’t seem to hold so much of that, but maybe if we focus on the Rhythmic Moon, and the Natural Time’s inclusion of Solstice and another approaching full moon, and not the mercantile side of Christmas and “New Year’s,” our own experience will be one of peace.