Blue Cosmic Monkey

6.28.20 – Day 13/13 of the Blue Storm wavespell * Cosmic Moon 2

The last day of the Blue Storm wavespell is also the bridge to Yellow Human. Frankly, I think this Yellow Human passage will have way more upheaval than the natural force of the Storm surge. That’s because a storm *is* a natural force, not prone to excessive egotism and associated power trips. The human being, on the other hand! And also we coincided our Blue Storm time with the cooperative, resolution-oriented Crystal Moon. Whereas we enter Yellow Human in the much more indescribable and amorphous Cosmic moment. The key words to the Cosmic tone are ‘endure and transcend presence.’ In effect, we have to endure the Yellow Human experience – our humanity, our species’ impulses and motivations – in order to transcend them. I would say we have to endure egotism and greed that lives in our shadow realm to find transcendent illumination, the ‘Yellow’ in our human descriptor.