White Solar Dog

8.1.21 – Day 9/13 of the White Wind Wavespell – Magnetic Moon 7

There are a couple of pressing questions orienting us to Mayan time right now. If you are having intense experiences, some that seem to surprise you with their arrival out of nowhere, or their undeniable boldness in your life, then you can apply the questions to see if this happenstance is in fact an answer to either of them. For the new Yellow Electric Seed year: How can I best be of service? We shifted a week ago from the constant Lunar drumbeat of What is my challenge?  to this more expansive explorations of service, of getting from ‘me’ to ‘we.’ This is welcomed for the whole culture. The Magnetic Moon asks, What is my purpose? and its answer as we can see it indicated means for this whole year. A dense push gets us going, shakes us into awareness of new purpose, specific purpose to play out for the year’s duration. So find the conjunction between these two questions. One might be, my purpose is to be of service. If that’s true, you’ll see clearly how that is being enacted in your life right now, and how it will only grow as the wavespell of the new year progresses.